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Hype, reality or viable business or a bit of all three?  Well I have just read an excellent and comprehensive report on progress to date by David Provost and it is very optimistic.  The conclusion:  it is on the cusp of mainstream and the pioneers are even beginning to make money.  He reviews the main apps, many of which I only vaguely know about, some I have never heard of but they all fill in that increasingly significant space  where the web begins to understand and interpret and do things for you. One of the most interesting case studies he cites is Thomson Reuters development of Calais which gobbles up the 1.2 million pieces of data that Thomson Reuters produces in a day and extracts the knowledge and it there for you too if you want to use it. And Thomson Reuters make it available totally free!

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  1. Tom Tague from Calais here.

    Just a brief correction – Calais ingests over 1M pieces of *users* content per day and returns the metadata to you. You can use it if you are a publisher, blogger or anyone else that has content they would like to analyze.


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