The Learning Challenge

Nigel’s latest book, The Learning Challenge, helps practitioners to make sense of the impact the latest developments in this area are having on the learning function in their organisations. It has been written to be a core part of any learning leader’s toolkit.

To support the launch of the book, we have created a set of resources that sit alongside each chapter of the book. You can access theses resources, and buy the book, here. (

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  1. A good book – one that made me think. I am sure there are other challenges out there for leaders of learning in organisations, but I think this book covers more than enough to be going on with! Some of the concepts covered have been around for a while, but have not been widely taken up. If the leader of a learning function within an organisation was in a position to follow up on only half of the suggestions in this book, they would be taking their organisation to a much better place.

    • Thanks Tony. i appreciate the comment. I tried to make it accessible and action focussed.

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