WiFi Everywhere??

I am in the Business Lounge in Madrid Airport waiting to board the flight to Sao Paulo.  The Lounge is huge and very very busy.  I can’t believe it is a Sunday morning not a Monday morning.  Hardly a seat to be had.  And NO WiFi apart from a paid provider Kubi who charge the modest sum of €5 for 30 minutes.

They offer up an ethernet cable for use at one of the 8 (yes 8) carrels where you can plug in, and as they are completley full of people who look like they have no intention of moving any time soon I have done what any self-respecting blogger would do.  I have taken one of their desktops apart to steal the ethernet port and power socket.  And it works.  It just took me 30 minutes to work it all out!  No WifFi!  I still can’t quite believe it.  After all that it is horribly slow.

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