Why so Sentimental?

My gym closed last week. No big deal, it is part of the redevelopment of London Bridge in the light of the arrival of the Shard and the creation of a bogus new quartier ‘The London Bridge Quarter’.  The station itself will be transformed in a few years and my gym just got in the way.  So way so sentimental.

Well, it has nothing to do with the bricks and mortar.  The place was never very upmarket and it needed a major refurb. It was the people:  both staff and members. It felt like a small community. Everyone looked after everyone else.  There was a warm atmosphere in the place and it felt a home from home.

True of every place:  we love a job because of the people not the buildings or the business.

Yet we are most careless of those people; particularly the ones who -without being star performers- act as the glue to keep the place together. They are always not taken seriously enough and missed only when they have gone and it is too late to do anything.

Think about your best communities and do something to keep them together.  And all that might be is a thank you.

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