When NOT to Use Social Networking

The Read/Write Web has posted a useful little article listing five very good reasons  NOT to go in for social networking.  So many exhortations abound (probably by me as well as hoards of others) but few warnings exist.

Their five are:  you are in a high ticket business; there is management skepticism; you fight with your employees; you are in a strategic vacuum and there are privacy and regulatory concerns.  The article expands these broad headings, into short explanations. But it does go on to spend more time encouraging you to experiment with social networking and points out that only 2% of companies use Twitter as a marketing tool.  There is a long way to go in this area.

If you look at the five no-go areas, you could argue that social networking could help those companies a lot, if the ground was properly prepared.  Knee jerk against or slavishly following what is trendy won’t work at all.

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