What is Work?

I have gone on for far to long about the fact I fell off my bike!  Painful as it was, even I have moved on.  All that is left now is half of one scab.  The other has disappeared somewhere and left a pink piece of perfectly healed skin.  The other one will follow soon.  It made me reflect on scabs!  What a horrid word with horrible connotations for something quite magical. Under that hard carapace, healing is allowed to occur and protection is given.  And when the time comes it falls away and reveals something new and renewed.

I think work should be like that:  a solid, durable shelter against the world which allows the individual to grow and develop, shed and grow new skins as the environment changes.  It seems such a wasted opportunity that so many people do not enjoy that process, and only associate it with negativity and stasis.

Once out of a Corporate environment, you realise just how supportive and reassuring it could be, letting you get on with the creative and innovative things you need to do in the absence of day to day anxieties. Instead, the feel of being out of the Corporate world is one of sheer relief at being freed from mind numbing meetings, pointless burearcracy and horrible people with malevolent intent. There is something wrong somewhere here!

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