What I Learned at #LT10UK

Learning Technologies

is over for another year.  I think I skipped a year so this is my first since 08.  And I really enjoyed it for a number of reasons:

Great and enthusiastic people willing to talk and share

Some very good sessions, some unexpected

Catching up with friends and colleagues

General professional way it was organised:  felt firmly under control

But what did I learn?

  • Firstly that the learning and development community is vibrant and will to accept change.
  • Secondly that the recession has generated a lot of innovation
  • Thirdly Social networking is really taking hold
  • Fourthly that virtual worlds still need a lot of work to justify the effort and that effort might not best be put into Second Life
  • Words like rapid, in time and small scale are really indicative of a whole range of initiatives
  • Money is still a big issue but much social learning has been sold on the back of economy drives but that does not invalidate the result on the contrary…
  • “Civil society cannot be reduced to a digital free for all” Puttnam
  • We need some stats related to the UK market not just the US.
  • Deep specialists are required all over organisations and their expertised networked and made accesible
  • LMS = eLearning platform  2001 – 2003; Enterprise learning platform 2004 – 2007; Learning Portal 2008 -2010 (Josh Bersin)
  • Learning culture has a direct impact on organisational performance (Josh B)
  • At IBM you can look up the person you want to emulate and see what they are reading! (Josh B again)
  • “You hired them, why don’t you trust them’ Mark Oehlert

It was also the conference where Twitter came of age.  There were some wonderful snippets flowiing past. I hope we can capture them for posterity.



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  1. I can really identify with your observations.

    The LearnTech newbies I work with were fired up by the conference – which supports your thinking – the next generation are on the way and they are passionate about changing the learning landscape.

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