What I Learned At Learning 2009 (1)

I have been reading through my notes from Learning 2009. I had great pleasure in doing this as I lost my notebook from Learning 2008 in Edinburgh shortly after returning from the US.  So all the insights and memories went along with the book. And it still smarts over a year later. To avoid this ever happening again,  I bought a Pulse electronic pen. So now everything is backed up.  But that is a whole new story.

A few quotes:  ‘If you can imagine the future, you can build the future’ Judy Clow from Google

‘Government based reskilling programmes are never enough. Jobs change too fast. We need a culture of reskilling embedded into every employing organisation.’  Betsy Myers Kenedy Leadership Centre at Harvard

‘Culture trumps genetics’.  Malcolm Gladwell

‘I received so much publicity because people wanted a reason to be hopeful again.’  Sully Sullenberger

‘Never stop growing professionally and personally, live your life in a considered philosophical way.’  Sully Sullenberger

‘To succeed in these times, organisations have to amplify uncertainty and force people to improvise.’ Alexandra Michel USC

‘It is more effective to clear away layers of redundant expertise than build up layers of new expertise.’ Alexandra Michel

‘You need to restructure the organisation around uncertainty. It is not enough to embrace uncertainty at the leadership level.‘ Alexandra Michel

‘Anything we do that helps employees do their jobs better is Talent Management.’  Larry Israelite

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  1. Thanks, Nigel. Quotations are great time-savers! jay

  2. Nigel…missed the conference this year, but really appreciate the thoughts…especially pleased to hear more from Alexandra and you know I liked Larry’s new book on Talent Management…

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