What Do I Do to Keep Fit Meme

Donald Taylor tagged me and I am going to talk four other unsuspecting souls into  telling the world what they do to keep fit.

I do five different things things: the first is run: you can see the blog entry about this; four time a week usually but never less than three times over the last 6 months. I have my Nike + plugged into my iPod so I get challenged to run more, faster and further and it works!

Two is Pilates. I try to do that on the days I don’t run. A series of personal stretches etc worked out by an excellent teacher -Julia Skene-Wenzel- for me only. AS I am probably severely remedial when it comes to Pilates I like the benefits, and the lack of humiliation, of one on one.

Three: I walk up escalators, rarely letting them carry me to the surface and if I don’t walk I do stretching exercises by dropping my foot below the  rising step and stretching the calf and achilles. Even more powerful if you stand on one leg and put the whole body weight into the stretch.  Brilliant stretch and the goal is to hold it to the very top.

Walk: Long walks every weekend that it is possible. Got to know London well by exploring its nooks and crannies. A five mile walk is so easy yet you can cover a huge chunk of London in that distance.

Five: cycle. Love riding my bike, even in London but specially out of London. Did the C2C last year which was hard, very hard, but fantastic. 160 miles from Whitehaven on the west coast to Gateshead on the east.

What does it add up to? Someone who wants to be a lot fitter but hangs in there as best he can. I reckon I spend at least 4 hours a week trying to stay fit.  Max 6. This does not sound a lot but the key is doing a little a lot.

My four tagees are:  Nic Price, Red Sultana , Ali Wright and Martin Jack.  I will be very happy to read the results.  We need some women in this meme! The only problem now is to actually tell them

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  1. Hey Nigel, thank you for making me feel guilty about my completely fitness-free regime. I am a bad person. CB

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