What Annoys Me!

I was asked bythe Energy Hub to list the things that annoy me in corporate life.  Here are a few that sprung readily to mind!

Phony claims that ‘people are our greatest asset’ just before making them redundant

Massive blockages in the uptake and usage of technology because IT people want to control everything and when you challenge them they invoke ‘security’ to shut you up.

Cultures that talk innovation and deliver control

The total failure to understand what creativity means in an organisation

Failure to recognise that ‘listening’ is now a key leadership competence along with asking the right people the right questions.

Organisations that think that they have all the answers by looking inside only.

Small but infuriating examples of unethical behaviour by big Corporates that have large impressive Corporate Social Responsibility websites and reports.

Trying to do business in an environment where noone trusts anyone else.

 Some of these may find there way into Business 550 in an expanded form.


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  1. Dear Nigel,
    thanks, it was a little refreshing guided tour again! Haven’t been here for awhile.
    Reading your blog, what annoys you, about leadership and listening as a key competence, I want to refer to Peter Drucker "The Daily Drucker", his theme for 11 April, the 4 competencies of the Leader "…as the first such basic competence, I would put the willingness, ability, and self-discipline to listen. Listening is not a skill, it is a discipline. Anybody can do it. All you have to do is to keep your mouth shut…." Bravo!
    Marju Unt

  2. Nigel, I couldn’t agree more with all of those!

    Perhaps I could add another: the arrogance of the assumption "when we build it they will come" which I had hoped had disapperaed but is sadly still way to prevalent.

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