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First Blog:  What’s Important in Learning Now!

This is my first entry in this Journal.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days at Learning 2006 with Elliott Masie in Florida in November. If you have had enough of my ramblings already (which is not very fair!  Ask yourself if you have given this the full go?) then you can go straight to the conference Wiki here:

Elliott Masie

It is pretty amazing:  tons of audio, video, pictures and text.  If you tried to work through it then it would take almost as long as the conference itself or maybe longer because you have the added comments. 

Here is my instant distillation of those exciting 3 days into a ‘what’s going on’ piece.:

94% of those at the conference would go FIRST to google to learn something.  And they are the professionals developing structured learning resources!  There is a big shift to fingertip knowledge and big pressure to facilitate this.

 What are the learning trends of the next 3 – 4 years.  According to Elliott Masie.

1. Democratisation of content:  instant creation; creation by the many not the few and instant distribution .

2. Content cannot reach the same level of specificity as it did before, it will be contextual in social networks and companies will build and deploy those networks.

3. Gaming and simulation will reach a tipping point for learning.

4. Self-service and disintermediation.  This will drive simplicity of access, design and delivery.

5. The traditional training department is toast.  The paradigm will be to give people the least amount of teaching in the most creative ways in order that their creativity and curiosity can be stimulated and they will be motivated to find the rest out for themselves.




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