These are the values of KD Paine and Partners.  No relation I am afraid.  But what a great company to work with and for.  Congratulations.

Our Values

We exist because we are passionate about what we do.

Aspire to change the world
We aspire to make a difference with what we do.

We will build a sustainable business that provides a living wage and benefits for all who work here.

Social capital, social responsibility, social justice
We will work to increase social capital, encourage social responsibility and use what we do to increase social justice.

Decisions and choices we make will be governed by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Open-book management
We will practice open-book management and will treat our community of employees as owners.

No Bazookas
No mistake is dumb. The only bad mistakes are ones we don’t learn from.

Our assets are people. We acknowledge that we are not just hiring our employees’ brains or brawn, but their hearts as well. We want to build a community, not just a business.

Our methods and systems will be transparent to all.

The time we spend at work -– one-third of our lives -– should be fun. We will cultivate a work environment that fosters camaraderie among our employees and a passion for what we do. As long as we look forward to coming to work in the morning, serving our customers and working with each other, we will have achieved our goals.

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