Two Obnoxious Ads

Can you believe that Microsoft is inviting people to host ‘launch parties’ in their homes for Windows 7. Here is the link to Microsoft’s website. It is ‘our launch guys’. There are YouTube videos to help you set up your party, with 4 demographically chosen presenters: young, old, female, ethnic minority all enthusing about how ‘cool’ a launch party will be and showing you how to do it.  Cringe-worthy in the extreme. You don’t believe me?  Check it out here.Grateful to Charlie Brooker in the Guardian for highlighting this.

Then there are the nasty Dixons Ads on the tube at the moment. Sample below. They tell you to spend your time learning about your product from well-trained (threfore ponsy) shop assistants in well-known stores like Harrods, Peter Jones and John Lewis and then buy at Dixons on line. Why do I not find this amusing? Firstly because of the snobbery, and secondly that Currys’ (formerly Dixons) shop assistants are the diametric opposite of knowledgable and helpful, and a terrible glimpse at what shopping might become if Dixons had its way. Thirdly the idea of checking out the store first and talking about what you want, and then checking out online vendors to get the best price happens all the time. Better not bite the hand that feeds you! In case you cannot read the hastily shot picture, the caption reads: “Step into Middle England’s best loved Department Store (ie John Lewis) stroll through haberdashery to the audio visual department where an awfully well brought up young man will bend over backwards to find the right TV for you. Then go to and buy it.

Dixons just got crossed off my list of online places to go.

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  1. Nigel – you old curmudgeon! Going for the Richard Wilson audience?

    100% with you on the Microsoft cringeworthy contributions. Right up there with Tupperware and Ann Summers…

    But the Dixons’ series made me laugh – Even better when projected in sequences on Victoria Line stations. And you missed out the critical punchline – " – the last place you want to go"! (ie after getting the demos in the expensive shops then go and buy cheaply online)

    Dodgy ethics, yes, but F-U-N-N-Y… even if you took them literally! We need a few more smiles on the tubes…

  2. "Dixon’s shop assistants are the diametric opposite of knowledgable and helpful"

    Dixon’s don’t have shop assistants. They don’t have shops. They closed them all a few years ago. Hence the adverts.

  3. Fair point Denny, Dixons shops morphed into Currys and the brand was consolidated: Curry’ shops and Dixons online. But the same shop assistant logic applies. Apologies

  4. Just wondering how much Dixons had to pay to use the John Lewis font.

  5. Yes, you’re entirely correct about the quality of their shop-floor staff, in Dixon’s as was and Curry’s as is.

    Nic: I’m assuming they didn’t, as John Lewis have released some mildly snotty comments regarding the campaign.

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