Three Weeks with an iPad

Another post summing up my three weeks of useage and you know what?  Pages comes out as my top App! Can’t quite believe it, but it is, and what a delight to use.  It has been so well thought through for a touch screen and yet has great functionality.  Read it here.

And if you want to know how my 90 year old mother got on with the iPad the answer is:  not well.  Couldn’t work out the gestures on screen as she either pushed so hard on the screen that it was about to implode, or waved her fingers 1 mm above the screen and moaned about its lack of responsiveness.   We’ll see if I have more luck next time.  But-strangely- touching the screen seemed to intimidate her rather than liberate her. She thought that it was illogical while children did not even have to think about the logic they just got it!

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  1. Funny. Well, I don't think your mother would really appreciate an iPad. You're right, it's probably intimidating for her to learn the ropes. 🙂

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