The Technology with the Most Impact

The BBC website has been running a small dequence of articles from its technology correspondents about which new technology made the most impact on them.

It made me reflect on the new stuff I have been using this year:  quite a lot in effect; from Mac’s new operating system Leopard, toTwitter ,Facebook , Plaxo and many more.  How many will survive beyond 2007 is a moot point (apart from Leopard) so none of those win.

 If I have to focus on impact rather than wow! factor it has be a relatively old technology:  Skype.  I am now a SkypeIn and a SkypeOut subscriber so I am one of the few who actually pays Skype money!  But the ability to rent lines in virtually any capital city in the world and phone any phone from within Skype has been a blessing and a boon.  I have used Skype constantly and found it very robust and reliable.  So even if it is an old technology, relatively, I love it; use it and am sure it will still be around at the end of 2008 and I will continue to be a power useer.

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