The Kaospilot Schools

I have just picked up the lecture given by Uffe Elbaek at the RSA in September.  He set up the Kaospilot School (now there are four of them) in Aarhus in 1991.  It is a radically different, three year undergraduate programme helping young people prepare for a world of work that is based on innovation and uncertainty.  He also prepares them to start their own business (which 1 in 4 students actually does after the course).

 The Kaospilots have six principal values:  playfulness, the real world, a street-wise attitude, risk-taking (for staff as well as students), balance,  and finally, compassion for each other and the world.

One of Elbaek’s quotes is: "We don’t want to be the best education in the world; we would like to be the best education for the world." 

Maybe read his lecture in the context of 

the Leitch Report

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