The Journey or the Destination

At Heathrow Terminal 3.  A couple are buying last minute bits and pieces in Boots (as, indeed, am I).  The Assistant asks what airline they are travelling on and the women replies:  ‘Quatar, no Emirates’ then looks at her husband who raises his eyes to heaven and says in a resigned way:  ‘Actually it is Thai’.  The women shrugs her shoulders and gets on with  completing the purchase.  The man gives me a knowing look and they both disappear.

 Apart from the coincidence that they are on my plane what is the point of telling anyone this.  Well, I not only know the airline, I know the aircraft type and the flight number.  I would not have it any other way;  I would imagine my new found male colleague also knows this.  His wife, on the other hand, probably thinks that this information is totally useless.  She wiill look at where to board and the airline and flight number when she has to, and then once on board probably forget it all again.  Her focus is on the destination;  mine always on the detail and the process.  Archetypal male and female responses?? Do you agree?

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  1. I don’t think the responses can be attributed to gender on this one – I would be very interested in the detail and process (for safety and comfort reasons), as well as the destination of course:-) Actually, I would have thought most females would pay attention to the process although have to admit that when my partner tells me how a toaster works I just don’t want to know!

  2. Although I’m pretty keen on knowing the gate number, I would never, ever know the type of aircraft… even after sitting on it for many tedious hours. I might check how far away the emergency exit is, but I’ve never figured out the difference between a 767 and any of the other numbers… but then if it wasn’t for the sign-writing I wouldn’t find my own car in a carpark either – some things just don’t come naturally.

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