Ten Alternatives to Making People Redundant

  1. Invite staff to take 6 months or one year off as unpaid leave.  It might appeal to younger staff still smitten by the travel bug.
  2. Offer staff four day weeks for a defined length of time.
  3. Put together hit squads to work out ways of cutting costs.
  4. Allow staff to go on tempory assignments in other organisations.
  5. Set up long term strategic projects and allocate staff on a full time basis to investigate and report back.
  6. Focus staff on the areas of greatest need rather than existing structures.
  7. Train staff for new roles rather than externally recruit.
  8. Focus teams on developing new revenue earning lines fast.
  9. Lower earning expectations and profit margins for the year.
  10. Invite all staff to share ideas for efficiency savings, better services and products and then go for 3. above.

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