Ten Alternatives to Happy Sheets

1. Ask what performance changes you want to see and then measure them.

2. Use the staff survey as an indicator of change.

3. Measure increases in activity following on from the training

4. Interview a sample of participants and ask for their views

5. Interview a sample of line managers and ask what changes they have noticed.

6. Sample customer satisfaction

7. Ask the participants to comment one month or three months on about the continuing benefits.

8. Measure business improvements and then estimate what percentage can be seen to be due to learning and development.

9. Review performance appraisals.

10. Ask participants to complete a learning journal as they move through the program and after the program and ask them to share highlights.

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  1. Nigel, your first suggestion on this is for me the most important alternative. But it’s great to see that there are at least ten ways of seeing impact beyond immediate satisfaction with a training event.

  2. If I am honest, and I will be with you Ara, some of the other 9 are ways you gather the data to measure 1. So, of course, you are right. Thanks again for all your comments and engagement.

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