Talent Management: State of the Industry Report

Well Executive Summary!  Talent Management Magazine – right out of the CLO Magazine stable- has published its survey of the status and state of talent management across corporate american. About 805 of the Magazine’s 5,000 readers completed the survey.  And – as you would guess- it does not make happy reading.  The Exec Summary is a free download but the full report costs $495.  I stuck to  the Exec Summary.

Interesting takes:

In the 2008 survey only 53% of those surveyed include ALL employees in their talent management programs.  Similar for 2009.

Performance management and recruiting are the most prevalent functions in talent management portfolios.  They occur in 79% and 77% of organisations respectively. Unchanged year on year.

Training, and performance support exist within 74% of organisational TM programs. Again very little has changed since the 2008 report, if anything things are a little worse.

Only 13% said that talent management programs were fully integrated into the organisation and only 24% of respondents were measuring the impact of their talent management process on business results, however, 55% of organisations review talent managemnet goals to ensure alignment with overarching business goals.

20% of organisations reported that their TM functions do not collaborate at all.

27% of respondents plan to decrease or significantly decrease their HR spending in 2009 (up from 11% in the previous year).  And 18% of organisations plan to cut their talent management investment during 2009. The only areas showing some increase in investment are performance support, performance management, recruiting and training.


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