Start Up the Risk Takers

An excellent piece in today’s New York Times by Thomas (World is Flat) Friedman.  He argues passionately for government to invest in the future rather than prop up the past.  He claims the best ideas come out of a recession but they ideas are more difficult to nuture and need financial support.

What will get us out of this mess is not General Motors but small nacent entrepreneur driven organisations that sense the way the world is changing.

I think Friedman is talking a lot of sense.

Listen to him and tell me what you think:

Our country is still bursting with innovators looking for capital. So, let’s make sure all the losers clamoring for help don’t drown out the potential winners who could lift us out of this. Some of our best companies, such as Intel, were started in recessions, when necessity makes innovators even more inventive and risk-takers even more daring.

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