Social Networking in the Workplace

The January edition of Learning Technologies Magazine was launched at the conference last week

I wrote my third article on the topic of social networking and there is so much buzzing around that theme that it is worth mentionning here.

Jeanne Meister has published a short case study on Intel’s use of social networking here focussing on its social media training programme that over 20,000 staff have now completed. And  a whole bunch of social networking policy papers are  available on line in a Social Media Governance database.

The Intel Guidelines Document is light touch and well thought out.  You can look at it here.  Many organisations are attempting to develop their use of Social networking both for internal communications and knowledge transfer and external to build external links with customers.  Intel itself has over 50 (what look like genuine) Twitter accounts ranging from job tweets to Intel ChipChitChat.  Aimed at staff and customers alike. The main one: @Intel is aimed at customers and is designed to create a sense of a fun, committed and communicating company. 

On an entirely different plain, ASOS the online clothes retailer, invites is followers to upload pictures of customers wearing ASOS clothes out on a Saturday night.  And draws attention to sale and special items.

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  1. Nigel,

    Very good and important post. A trully believe in using social media or networking in educational projects. Our experience here reveals that, if you the leaders "walk the talk", and show to the organisation the importance of those tools inside the company,the educational project becomes a new project, now with knowledge managemente also.

    That’s why I like the business model from Sviokla and Raypport about context, content and infrastructure. See it in my blog:

    Congrats on your article!
    Where are the others two (since this is the third)?


    Gabriela Jardim

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