Has anyone seen Microsoft’s new rich media app Silverlight in action?  If you want to see what it can do, go to the Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project.  You have to install Silverlight as a browser plug-in but that is very straight forward.  The project home page presents you with a map of Yosimite and about 20 panaroma locations in the Park.  Once you begin zooming in, thumbnail pictures of each panaroma appear.  Centre the one you want to look at and keep zooming.  And keep zooming.  You go from a thumbnail to a detailed image,  where you can almost see the individual leaves on the trees of the hill opposite.  And at each stage, the screen refreshes and displays the result with pin-point sharpness right to the limit of the zoom. This example is,  I think, a real triumph and enriches your experience of Yosemite.  What do you think?

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  1. It is cpu intensive as the poor old processor has to resolve a lot of information quickly, but my Mac handles it well. It is very smooth and the resolution to a sharp image after zooming is almost instantaneous.

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