Running and Learning

I was running in the rain yesterday. It wasn’t heavy rain but the drops were large and persistent and it meant that you soon got wet even though it did not feel such a wet day when I pushed out of door and onto the street.  And the beauty of running in the rain, as any jogger will tell  you, is that you can only get wet once! After that initial shock, you stay wet and that is not an unpleasant experience as you stay warm as well.

It made me think about learning.  The best learning is exactly like that kind of rain:  it feels relatively easy; it is not like a deluge to confront, but you get very wet nevertheless.  And the big drops of learning suit me best.  Slow persistent and continuous learning gets you there and you hardly realised it has happened. And once you are learning, it is easy to keep going.  The worst moment is when you stand inside looking out, and it looks harder than it really is. But when you have done it once, the second time is easy and it gets easier the more you do it.

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