Rockerfeller Centre

I have never noticed the sculpture over the door of the Rockerfeller Centre, there alone the caption on the wall.  It reads:

‘Wisdom and Knowledge Shall be the Stability of Thy Times’ 

 How profound and how appropriate to stumble on that en route to teach at Wharton with a future generation of CLOs.  I will return to those words often.


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  1. Great quote!
    I would add, (after 2 days intense thinking in the wavelength of old Buddha at beautiful Southern Estonia, with 23 entrepreneurs, under guidance of a wonderful composer Sven Gr├╝nberg). There can be a lot of knowledge with no wisdom, but there cannot be wisdom without knowledge. (Nuclear physicist beating his wife is not a wise man!) Wisdom is basis for everything. All bad things are due to lack of wisdom/consideration. That’s why we all should develop ourselves: do less harm.
    I wish you lots of success at Wharton, creating atmosphere where wisdom can grow,

  2. And, developing this thought into a metaphor:
    your (anyone’s) knowledge is like woof,
    but your experience and analysing it – it’s like warf moving, making it into a strong tissue of your own wisdom.

    We tend to have too much knowledge of all sorts of things, but too little wisdom of important things – and what are important things in life, anyway?

    I am sure you will lead lots of wise discussions on important things only in Wharton!


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