Rise and Rise of Moodle

Stephen Downes in his OL Daily drew my attention to a blogged report  by Tony Karrer the CEO/CTO of TechEmpower , on user satisfaction with LMSs. The link is here.  What is fascinating is how well Moodle does overall.  Not just in education and government as you might expect, but it comes out no 1 in the large Corporate sector as well.  How come?

Is it the wisdom of crowds:  the large user base and the large developer base has to be better at reacting to user demands than a small company developer network or a small programme in a massive enterprise suite.

 Is the reseach flawed in some way?

 Is Moodle everyone’s ‘good enough’ and noone’s pet hate?

 I can’t answer those questions but I can say that the evolution of Moodle is an astonishing success story and a lot to do with that is the large community of -not just users- passionate advocates.

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  1. Hi Nigel. Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring presentation at our conference in Brisbane last week. Your thoughts on LMSs and the potential for them to become static repositories for hordes of information is making me very aware of how we need to manage their use in education to continue to build rich and engaging online learning communities.
    My thoughts on Moodle, and why it is so successful, at least in education. Put simply, it’s economical. More costly competitors, in my opinion, offer a richer experience, but sell themselves out of the market with higher costs. Sad, but true for Aussie educators. perhaps your "good enough" reference hits the mark!

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