RIP 10 Microsoft Apps

A slide show in by Nicholas Kolakowski which lists 10 Microsoft Apps that have bitten the dust or or are likely to go.  Thanks @billschrier for drawing it to my attention.

Encarta is on the list.  That little beasty killed the Encyclopaedia Britannica  single handed and was hailed as a miracle of multi-media information in its day.  What killed it:  need you ask:  Wikipedia and the web. Launched in 1993, died in June 2009 having gobbled up a number of encyclopaedia in its ever more bloated wake.

Soapbox is going too, launched in 2006 as a YouTube killer it handles less than 2% of  video content.  But so is Microsoft Money,  MSN Groups and, perhaps, that weird music player that noone I have ever met, owns up to having purchased: the Zune.


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