Rapid E Learning

In an excellent case study produced by Kineo about the line managers’ portal they developed with and for   Marks and Spencer.  It is available here.

Amongst the gems is a list of the five key questions you need to ask a subject matter expert if you want to take out the knowledge and build the learning environment. They are excellent, straightforward and I could not do better apart from add one!

How will people know they have mastered this?

1. What are the top five things people must know on this topic?
2. What are the key steps/processes people must follow to do this right?
3. What are the top five most common mistakes people make? What are the consequences? How do people avoid them?
4. What are your five case studies, examples or anecdotes that would help people put this topic in context?
5. Where should people go for more help, advice and information on this topic?

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