Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Elliott Masie’s Learning Trends arrived yesterday and alterted me to Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. He is dying of cancer and  this Carnegie Mellon Professor was giving his lecture of a lifetime:  covering his own life, loves and achievements.  You can watch it here or here .  I should have been working, but it totally captivated me for an hour and twenty-five minutes.

It is partly the huge emotion of the event;  his incredibly brave facing of his fate; but ultimately it is the content, the contribution and the passion for life and learning which comes over most strongly.

 I am sure that there will be a thousand comments about this talk but for you, I promise it is far better to actually watch the lecture. Then tell me if you can go to the end without a lump in your throat.

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  1. Hi Nigel
    I found the link to Randy’s presentation via Curt Bonk, and I too was captivated. On Tuesday evening my husband & I settled in a comfortable chair, in front of the computer in my study and watched the whole 1 hour 45 minutes on Google video.
    And I didn’t get to the end without shedding a tear – especially for his wife.

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