Post by Elliott Masie on Internal “Google Ads” for Expertise

Great little post by Elliott Masie looking at how the logic of Google contextual ads could be used internally to suggest experts in an organisation whom you could contact to get advice or solve problems at the moment of need.

1. Internal “Google Ads” with Expertise: We are quite accustomed to having Google or Bing or Yahoo “ads” pop up as we do a web search – linking us to a site, vendor or content collection. But, what about an internal “ad” that links us to a person with expertise within our organisation.

Imagine if an employee is conducting a search on compliance issues on your internal search engine – and the results page included 2 or 3 small boxes with the name of a key fellow employee who has relevant experience or expertise on the topic. Much of the knowledge base of your organization is in the minds and experiences of current employees – who are often unknown to the rest of the workforce. Let’s experiment with appropriate and non-disruptive ways of building personalized “ads” that would link employees to other employees with sharable expertise.

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  1. This is a very thoughtful post with a great idea about using internal ads similar to Google’s ads that would display employees in your company with relevant experience if you are searching for a related issue. Implementing something like this would require careful terms of use and privacy though, as putting all of this information about other people’s skills and qualifications is akin to sending their resume to millions of people all over the world without their permission. Making sure that this was an internal system and that it is done properly is important to its successful implementation.

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