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As I was being forced into an agonising position to do more repeats of an excercise than my body really wanted to do, I reflected on what made me crazy enough to have a personal trainer? For me, at this time, there are lots of good reasons:

  • I get to do things I wouldn’t normally do
  • I get pushed, and therefore improve my fitness/flexibility
  • I get set challenges and targets
  • I see the world from a different perspective
  • It forces a discipline on me that I couldn’t sustain on my own 
  • I get into a regular pattern of exercise
  • I learn new skills that stop me getting bored
  • I occasionally get some praise for improving 
  • I am taught how to do things correctly
  • I learn what I do wrong and what to focus upon for best results 

That is a list of 10, straight off the top of my head.  There are undoubtly more .

Then my reflection took another turn.  Would I pay to have someone train my brain rather than my body.  Someone to set me intellectual challenges, set me things to read, questions to reflect upon, research to do, maybe things to write.  The overwhelming answer was yes I would do that 1 : 1 and enjoy it for all the reasons I enjoy physical training.  And there might, actually, be even more good reason to have a personal mental trainer: to challenge, to help me improve, to force me into a disciplined approach and to help me get focus and help me stay mentally flexible and alert.

There has to be a market for this and there has to be a demand out there.  I can’t be a lone figure pummelling my brain in the darkness and longing for a bit of light?  More than life coaching, or more specific than life coaching?  You tell me.

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  1. While not quite a personal trainer, our local Community College in the beautiful Camden Haven of NSW, has a facilitated learning circle where different topics are set and participants go off and research them and come back together for facilitated discussion. Mainly has retirees attending and has become so popular that they have two groups going now. Unfortunately the times haven’t worked for me otherwise I would also participate (not quite a retiree yet).

    The point is that there are lots of people out there who just want to continue learning and have their minds stretched.

    I’m not sure if there would be a market for a personal trainer in this regard, but interesting thought.

  2. Nigel, a very interesting thought. In terms of lifelong learning the underlying skills must be the ability to know yourself, to develop critical thinking skills and to be present and aware in the moment.

    All these involve the mind and most of us would benefit more from spending time working out this area more than we would our bodies. However, as I’m off to the beach soon on holidays, I must get down to the gym! 🙂
    Cheers, Peter

  3. Try this if you want mental gymnastics: Ever wondered that just as you have written this you have been thinking that you are the focal point of this Universe. Well, at this point I am thinking the same. Every one thinks this. So is it possible that we have so many focal points? Just go deep into this thought process. Bet you will have all the mental exercises that you ever wanted! Came here through Donald’s blog.

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