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I subjected my poor body to another session of Personal Training today. Whilst in the most uncomfortable and contorted of positions I began to reflect on my idea of personal brain training. What is incredibly useful about Personal Training is not only having the undivided attention of an expert, but the fact that you are forced to do things you are not familiar with or feel comfortable doing alone. Let me elaborate; my Trainer makes me use muscle groups that I don’t usually use or have actively neglected for years and years. It feels unnatural and difficult to get them moving but you can and it does work and you get more skilled. The result is a better balance and a bit of all round suppleness that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Thank you Brigitte.

So will the analogy hold? We need my personal mind trainer to force me into using bits of the brain I do not usually use, and get me out of bad habits or out of just doing what I know I am quite good at and feel comfortable doing. The result should be increased mental suppleness and all round mental agility. What do you think? If it works for the body it ought to work for the brain.

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  1. I think that that is the role of a mentor. A good mentor will push you to think about things that are uncomfortable.

  2. You have mentioned this earlier. I think you need a sincere friend. People learn without effort when they are with people who genuinly like them. This exercises the emotions and the mind. In learning both are somehow connected, so sek a balanced person who shares same interests. Solitary learining is not interesting. You need an intelligent person who appreciates you.

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