Online is Better Than Face to Face (but only just)

A US Government report that was published in May 09 is worth reading. It is a meta analysis of 51 studies on the impact of web-based learning. The conclusion is a tentative ‘it works better’ with blended working better than straight online.

In fact there were three significant variables:

Effects were larger when a blended rather than a purely online condition was compared with face-to-face instruction; when students in the online condition spent more time learning than did students in the face-to-face condition; and when the curricular materials and instruction varied between the online and face-to-face conditions.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the article. I found the meta-analysis to be a strong vote of confidence for those that have no choice BUT to use an online medium. When given a choice, we would all prefer multiple medium. But we aren’t giving away the farm when our only choice is to teach in an online mode. The results can still be positive.

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