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Today’s Independent Media Supplement has a lead article on YouTube and  Al Gore’s Current TV.  Will the advent of bite-sized programmes lead to the decline of longer, more thoughtful and complex programming? The article answers its own question:  ‘no’ in a nutshell!

 It is exactly the same as bite-size learning. The fact that we can now deliver in small, media-rich chunks does not mean the end of extended learning. But the need to increase velocity (see the Discussions debate on the subject) and access to learning creates a market and a need for such an approach.  But, ultimately, however much this generates a fuss, it is just one more tool in the armoury.  Resist the temptation to either feel threatened or outraged by these developments.  In exactly the same way that YouTube extends my media consumption, bite-sized learning has its place now and for the forseeable future.  Get stuck in, it’s fun.

Written and posted on the 18.03 to Leeds using the onboard (free) internet access which stuck with me as we roared along and gave me reasonable bandwidth.  Thank you GNER

Added later:  which is more than can be said of the wireless and ethernet access in the hotel which was hopeless (I think that is the technical term)! 

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