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I have been doing a four weekly stint on ABC Radio which ends this next Tuesday 15th January, the evening before I leave for the UK and the US.  The general plan has been to talk about work and how it can be made more rewarding and fulfilling;  how to be more creative and share more ideas and, if all else fail, how to produce a good CV.  The links to yesterday’s blog now make some sense!  They cover the ground we will talk about over the final couple of weeks of the slot.

Great to be on radio again and great to work with real professionals like Libbi Gorr and Mary Moody the two presenters. And thank you to all the people who phoned in with some harrowing stories about work, and for those that make it to my web site from the radio.

On Air in Melbourne

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  1. Interested to know more.

    I hunted around for a listen again facility on the ABC site, but couldn’t see one.

    All the best

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