Observations In the Apple Store

I am blogging live from the Apple Store opposite Central Park in New York.  It is underground in a large space lit from a light well above.  Packed, as usual, with people doing email, checking stuff on the web and a few are actually buying kit.  The queue for the Genius Bar is as long as it is in every Apple Store I have ever been in.  The difference is the age group.  In the Apple Store in London, I am usually the oldest person there by about 20 years. Here it is a much more mixed audience:  the diehards v the playhards; the ipoddies v the Mac Book men and women.  I can’t see one free computer luckily, I brought my own!  And does the Wi Fi work a treat!  I wish every provider could do what Apple does, and Apple does it for free.

I wanted to draw your attention to this book.  It is a fantastic first novel by a good friend.  It bowled me over when I read it.  She writes with real wit and compassion. I bought the hardback, but now it is just about to come out in paperback and it is well worth a punt. Check it out.

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