MacOSX v10.5 Leopard

As the entire Mac community knows, the next release of the Mac OS is out tomorrow at 6.30pm US Eastern time.  The Apple stores are closing for a couple of hours to prepare for it , and I have not met a single user who is going to give this upgrade the flick.  There are so many new, must have features.  I am really looking forward to the new finder, and time machine as well as new Mail.  I can’t wait, and I know it will work first time.

 The pricing is curious.

 In the US the price is Single User $129  Family Pack $199

This translates into:                      £63           and   £97 by my currency calculations

and                                              $142AUD  and   $220AUD

Actual UK prices before VAT        £85          and         £129  a hike of over 30%

Actual Australian price before GST $158AUD    and    $249AUD a hike of only around 12%

The Australian price expressed in £s is: £70  and   £110

The Australian cost is almost 20% cheaper than the UK cost and that is before VAT of 17.5% and GST of only 10%

Someone is being ripped off somewhere.

In LAX with a good internet connection and nothing better to do! 

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