Life in Australia (2)

Erina and I arrived at Tullamarine airport for a routine internal flight to Sydney.  At security we dutifully pulled out the lap top and our little clear plastic bag with all liquids ang gels ready for the X-Ray machines.  Much incredulity all round. Laptops yes,  but little plastic bags!   What are those strange people doing? And you slowly notice that in the long-line going through, yours are the only little plastic bags on display, revealing your sad bathroom habits to the world.  There is no need to do that, and no requirement. And the absurdity of the whole endeavour appears overwhelming.

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  1. Nigel – been thinking about you and wondering when you were off, then came here to find you’ve gone already! Hope all is going well and that the mobile phone/utility bill and associated problems are sorting themselves out. All well here, will check in from time to time to see how the big trip is going, all the best to you and E. Jane x

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