Life in Australia (1)

Part of an occasional series!

Oh! What it is to have no past. No demonstrable history.  It is almost like you do not exist. 

I am just about going crazy trying to get the smallest things organised.

In the mobile phone shop attempting to spend a substantial sum of money:

Can you provide 2 utility bills, sir as proof of your address?

Eh! No I have just arrived in Australia.

Well can you provide three salary slips with your Australian address.

Sorry! What did I just say!

So have you got  a credit card statement with your Australian address?


Or the best of all…

Can we photocopy your Australian visa please?

No it is electronic.

Can you get a copy for our records?

No it is electronic.

I need a copy of the visa.

It is electronic……..How could I get into Australia without a visa?

Exit going mental.

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  1. Hilarious!

    Welcome to Australia.


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