Learning TRENDS No 500

Congratulations to Elliott Masie for bringing us nearly 500 editions of Learning TRENDS.  Now going to 55,000 people world wide.  That is big leverage! If you are not one of them there is a simple one click solution to remedy that.

 Asked for a brief paragraph about my thoughts on Learning for this edition I wrote:

 We spent the last decades of the C20th getting massive efficiencies out of corporate systems and processes and made substantial gains.  Just look at financial control and financial knowledge  now and in 1985 as one example.  In the next decades we will apply our knowledge and technologies to making the most of our people. This will lead to even greater leaps forward.  The idea that around 70% of our workforce is operating below its potential, 75% of those people feel no loyalty to their employer, and  most tacit knowledge goes unrecognised and unrewarded, will seem to people working in 2015, as crazy and wasteful  as us, now, looking back on the lack of real financial control and knowledge in the 1980s.


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