Learning 2008: Charles Fadel

Charles is the head of Education at CISCO. 


That means K – 12 and Higher/Further Education.  He presented some research that CISCO had commissioned on learning effectiveness, debunking the enduring myth that you retain more, the more active and multi-sensed your learning. 

Apparently the Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning



on which this was all based was -in its original publication- merely a visual metaphor, not a heirachy, and certainly no percentage of retention was attached.

What Fadel’s research seems to suggest is that in multi-modal learning, non-interactive material works better for basic skill development.  Only in higer order skill development does interactive multi-modal learning come to the fore.

The figures are:  multimodal learning of basic skills:  non-interactive retention is 21% and interactive 9%.  With higher order skills the figures are non-interactive 20%, and interactive: 32%.

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