Learn from Everything

I fell off my bike yesterday morning at about 7.10am.  It was a cold morning and I mashed up my right knee.  I was going to take a photo and post it but felt your sensibilities would not welcome a gooy mass on the front page.

What I learnt:

Don’t always rush;  perceived lateness ends up being actual lateness, it would have been quicker to have taken it easier and got there in one piece.

Check the gear before you put pressure on it.

Think before you act

Pause before you spring into anything

Look after yourself:  you have one body and one brain and they are tired enough already

Don’t blame anyone but yourself

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  1. Thanks Nigel, I always read these beautiful posts that bring out such important things that we need to learn from our daily life and mistakes. Take care.

  2. i am going to post a picture of my brother who fell off his bike on my blog for you to see! readingcircles.wordpress.com (just as soon as i find the cord to link my phone to pc!) have just read your most recent blog about scabs – i love them too!! wonderful wonderful things, and so cool when you get them, it means you’ve been fully playing in the world. anyway brother markybill fell off his bike in the bush, fortunate to have a friend who was pretty cluey about first aid and they were prepared with a good first aid kit. he came a PROPER CROPPER! over the front handle bars tooth through lip, gravel embedded in skin, nose skin falling off, ooh eeh not pretty! he spent an hour or so at the local (regional town) hospital while they tried to pick bits out but eventually they sent him to bunbury (small city) hospital and put him under to do a bit of plastic surgery. we in our family thought that was HILARIOUS because we all have SIGNIFICANT noses and we wondered (he’s a little bit vain) if he’d ask for a readjustment! but no, he’s come out of it quite rugged looking, complete with shiny pink scarred bits on his nose and an uneven brow line.

    hope you’re well, happy and enojoying the hilarity of life 🙂

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