Ken Blanchard

Ken is the One-Minute Manager guy and he is probably well and truly sick of that reducto title as he is a brilliant developer of leaders and offers loads of executive development services.  He was also the final Keynote at Learning 2007.

A few Ken points that struck me.

He has appointed himself Chief Spiritual Officer of his company as he was bored with being Chairman (and he is entitled as he is well over 70).  His self-defined job is to send round his thought for the day, choose who to pray for and who to praise. 

The only thing that is important, ultimately, is people.  And that is from a guy who had lost his house of 29 years in the Californian fires the evening before (as he was travelling east to Orlando).

"At the end of the game, it all goes back in the box".  ie don’t waste your life on futile things, focus on what is important.

He thinks we should all create, not just learners, but ‘raving learners’ who are just blown away with their learning.

His one despair about Executives is the need to always be right. His message: give up being right and you might learn something.

He had 7 leadership questions:

1. What was important to you as a young person?

2. What is your vision?

3. What are your operating values?

4. What are your beliefs about leadership?

5. What can people expect of you? 

6. What do you expect of people?

7. How will you walk the talk?

Leadership is about your people and your customers not about you.

 I could have listened to him all day.

Posted in Orlando International Airport using a very good FREE WiFi connection.  Note  BAA.

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