Keeping Up

Somebody pointed out that my Skype id listed me currently ‘at Learn X’.  I checked and was horrified to find that she was right! Lots of water has flowed under the bridge since Learn X and I had forgotten to change the tag. And then I realised how many things have to be changed or at least monitored on a regular basis and I began to despair.  How to keep track, how to be up-to-date; how to maintain links, how to avoid neglecting friends and colleagues.

The panic and then the wave of relief.  Ultimately the aim is to remain visible.  Everything else is trivial.  So Skype has changed to something a little less time sensitive and one thing can be crossed off the list for a while.

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  2. I have often wondered why we bother any more telling people where we are physically located, either on Skype or my Out of Office. Skype tells people they can call me, does it matter if I am in Oregon or New York? And with email, it’s rare that I am REALLY off email. Of course I do love when I get a message that says someone is visiting a town I have never heard of … and then I MUST go look it up.

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