Jay Cross (Live Blog) Well Nearly!

I could not get a strong enough WiFi signal to do this live but it is close to delivery time.

This is Jay’s Keynote at Learning Technologies 2008.  And I have the privilege of doing the closing Keynote later today. then off tonight to Hanoi. 

Pre Presentation Question: What’s on your mind right now:

  • Using virtual classrooms
  • Setting up L and D site from scratch
  • Mobile learning
  • Value of measurement

Key Theme:  Everything flows
What is the greatest management challenge of the last 2 centuries?
Biology better model for looking at organisations than machines

How networks evolve

From isolated nodes;  no communication, in computing terms: standalone machines
To:  communications, to knowledge communicated to stronger bigger communities with leaders
To:  democracy,  internet and communication everywhere
Consequences: Your readiness
Speed: Are your people growing fast enough to keep up with the future?
Information explosion: Do you share what we learn from mistakes?
Are you so busy that you don’t have time to reflect on your experience?
Do you learn something from every customer interaction?
Do you talk about the outside trends that impact your business?

Changing World
Value migrates to intangibles  80% of balance sheet value 
Personal consumption is dominated by services
Google: $5 billion assets yet market cap = $150 billions. The balance is all intangibles.

World as machine is over; world as biosphere beginning

natural learning
curiosity,  learn from mistakes, mimicry = phase one
Conversation = phase two

internet inevitability
internet no longer an option for learning
IM let’s people penetrates silos;  ties build internally and externally to competitors and customers
In between state now:  this is why things are uncomfortable

Why does Google have ‘beta’:  to get customers to improve, to build beyond code: More open more stable more useful
Findability:  we have the magnet big enough now to find the needle in a haystack.
Your organisation

  • set up online meetings?
  • Distribute information through podcasts?
  • We tag our information to improve our collective intelligence
  • Can you set up blogs and wikis within your corporate policies?
  • Can access the entire internet from their desktops?

learning + internet =
Give people challenges don’t tell them what to do

CISCO has 12 strategic  areas and picked the best heads in the Co on each one.  Come together and spend a week talking about the area, listening to customers and sales staff.  Video the stuff and it can be accessed in bits on the intranet. Loads is downloaded and pod cast
RSS:  bring in what you need
Encourage conversation; share ideas
Blogs are honest conversation that is why they are important
CISCO Presence video conferencing allows as if conversation
Jonathan’s Swartz’s CEO Sun has a blog for staff but also customers and competitors.


Doug Englebart’s vision was about coming together and still the driving force of the internet. 
IBM uses communities, blogs, Dogear (stay current), Activities (Project co-ordination), Profiles but these are all available as separate applications on the internet for free:
Ning, facebook, del.ici.us, Wiki   does all the same thing:  all freely available

Intel’s wikipedia was turned down first off
Intelpedia now a reality yet started quietly in the background.  13 million page impressions a year.  First place for staff to go.
SAP Community network  not SAP staff but the wider community open on the internet
Out of the top 30 contributors in a month only 3 are SAP employers:  faster and better answers:  transforming the business

Jay’s Assignment:
What makes sense?  What is it worth? What are you going to do next?

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  1. There seems to be very high agreement about what we should do, yet we are balking at doing it. Is there about to be an explosion of change and if so, where will it begin?

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