It is Hard Writing a Blog

I am loath to winge on about the commitment required to write a Blog on a regular basis.  My aim is one new entry every few days and there are swathes of time when I manage this. At other times a week or more can pass and I am often stunned when the last posting dates stare back at me.  How can all that time have elapsed! I have let everybody down.

I was interested to see that Ian O’Connor;, the Vice Chancellor of Griffith University, has started his own Blog that replaces his monthly newsletter to staff.  It kicks off with a flourish on 14th May and he promises to write regularly (defined as once a month).  There is even a comment on his first piece that remains unanswered.  But where is Blog 2?  Nowhere to be seen.  And it is already four days late.  Not a promising start.

I bet the monthly email was prepared elsewhere and Ian’s role was to edit and add a sentence or two.  A Blog on the other hand is deeply personal and should speak with the writer’s voice so being written by someone else rarely works.  But finding the time and discipline to post regularly is also problematic and a hard habit to acquire particularly when you have a few pressures from your main role!

I really hope that Ian O’Connor will not add his illustrious name to the millions of Blogs around the world that post twice and are silent,  as a Vice Chancellor’s Blog is an excellent idea and offers a unique perspective.  Now you have build up our expectations, us hungry ones need feeding.  Keep it going Ian, it is more helpful, less intrusive and a better form of communicaiton than the whole staff email. All credit to you for kicking the whole thing off.

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  1. I post every day – maybe missing one or two days a month. But I have a personal blog not a niche blog.

    I find myself twitching at night if I don’t. Ideas racing around my brain. I need the outlet. 🙂


  2. I blog as it’s so relaxing. Sometimes I blog to vent out. I have met some precious friends and amazingly mostly foreigners. They keep me sane and happy. I will be lost without these special people. It is not that I don’t have friends in real life but there are some friends who are so much like me, in similar situations. Though they are far but sharing with them brings peace into my life. I read blogs by experienced people to learn from their experience.Keep posting!

  3. It is compulsive. Ideas swirl round my brain and when they don’t I get into a kind of panic. Maybe no ideas will ever come along again! But sometimes they just pour out and I have to stop and write it down. So I do feel bad when time elapes. Been to Uluru this last week and there was NO internet access or very expensive intenet access so I sat on my hands for a whole week.

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