iPad Again!

In marked contrast to a 90 year old, I gave my iPad to a 18 month year old girl called Hannah.  The excitment was palpable and you can see from the photograph. 

She managed to get the interface in minutes:  she loved swiping the Apps so they flicked from screen to screen and she also learned (how, I have no idea) to open and close Apps.  So even when she was enthralled with a book, she would reach over to close th

e App and then get me to reopen it.  Listen a bit more of the story and then close the App and so on.  Her parents were worried about how I would react when she hurled it across the room having got bored.  But the opposite was true; prising it out of her fingers was nigh on impossible. And it did not appear to be too heavy

to hold.

Her elder sister was spelling out names with the alphabet and making ellaborate ‘clicky sticky’ pictures which she wanted to email immediately back to her mother on her first session.  Emailing is really easy on an iPad of course.  Each email had a unique message but ended with, ‘and I love you Mummy’. 

A massive hit for both kids. Perfect for learning. It is a combination of the glorious interface and some brilliant and imaginative Apps.

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