Intelligent Email

It has got to come.  Who can cope with hundreds of undifferentiated emails that pile into your Inbox, particularly when your head is turned?  There are two types of email users according to Microsoft:  the Filers and the Pilers.

The filers, create hundreds of folders and have their email routed into each folder or they manually pull the email into the right pigeon hole. So they work with folders leaving their Inbox clear at the end of the day.  The pilers, simply use their Inbox as a searchable file, dealing with email as it comes and leaving stuff there until it is simply overwhelming and then they delete or archive thousands of emails at a time.  Unfortunately I am a piler!  Over 6,000 emails in my Inbox and that is after a significant cull.

ClearContext has a neat web 3.0 type product that analyses your Inbox and puts emails into separate folders and highlights them by colour and creates to dos, agendas, stores of attachments related to projects etc.  I wish there was something like it for Mac Mail because this software only works with Outlook/Exchange/ and Windows Vista and XP.

A brief demo is below and it really is brief but it whets your appetitie and creates desire:  I want this kind of help! Today!!

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