I Told You Talent Was Important

I am grateful to John Drysdale of Business Momentum for drawing my attention to an article in the FT recently which draws together a number of recent surveys on Talent Development. It makes interesting reading.  More and more companies are rewarding executives for their appropriate behaviour as well as performance and talent gets a bigger and bigger slice of the senior team’s attention.  It is no longer the exclusive domain of the HR Department:  commitment – as everyone knows- starts at the top!

And in spite of all this increased love and attention there is miles still to go.  The Chaterted Management Institute tells us that 40% of staff join a company because of the learning and development opportunities but as many as 23% are unhappy with what they have been offered. And most astonishing of all, although 61% of organisations surveyed by CIPD claimed that talent management was integral to their survival, only 25% considered that their current practices would deliver the leaders they needed to ensure success in the future.

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