Donald Taylor via Red Sultana:  what are your four or five goals?  Well I have a page of A4 which asks me questions that help me judge how I am doing in lots of areas of my life.  Sounds sad, but I got the idea from Marshall Goldsmith and if it works for Marshall…  I try to read that page and answer the questions ever single day.

 My goals pretty much line up with my values  and – as an aside-  I wish Companies made sure of that too:

Did your behaviour live up to your values?

Did you challenge your own assumptions at least once today?

Did you maintain pespective on what is important and longer term?

Then:  keeping promises; respecting, trusting, relishing new ideas and trying to be future facing. 

Hope that is all  not too pious. 

 By the way if you want a fast definition of meme:  click below:


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